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Supply List - Double Visions
such as Pattern on Pattern and Ova Nova

Double Visions is a new series I am “playing” with, it is quite versatile and has many, many different design possibilities, too many to put in one brochure. But at the start of the class, I will give you some options of styles and construction. This way the students will make one of a kind quilts. Come with your enthusiasm and an open mind and we will create great quilts! Feel free to contact me before class. But please check out the pictures in the gallery.

For the pattern on pattern only:

For the first layer or base:

You will have many options: A focus fabric with a large print, about 1 ½ yds. Supporting fabrics for creating the base 3 to 5 fabrics just 1 yd. each. They need to create some contrast with focus fabric make sure they have interesting and different textures and prints. (or a pieced base made up of all squares or all rectangles or you could opt for the use of a whole cloth for the base, one piece of fabric or a hand dyed, manipulated piece the size you want your finished piece to be.)

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