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Supply List - Fractured Curves

In this NEW class we will explore Color and Texture. This easy and contemporary procedure, it is all about playing with fabrics. The colors, textures and prints of your fabrics will play a major role as we will learn to make them work with one another. The key is in changing the values!!!! We will create wonderful curves only to fracture them and you will be surprised at the outcome. Bring your favorite fabrics, large prints as well as geometrics, lights and darks for contrast. Commercial prints as well as your own hand dyed fabrics if desired. Come and learn something new and exciting!

Supply list for the Fractured Curves by Louisa L. Smith:

For base A: Seven fabrics, ½ yard each, #1 to #7, you can repeat some of the fabrics, make sure #1 is in contrast with # 2 and # 3 etc. etc. In other words do not pick a yellow fabric for #1 and for #2, because they will just blend and we need the curves to show up so make sure there is somewhat of a contrast between the fabrics, not only in base A but also where it touches in base B. You can used hand dyed and over dyed fabrics in this piece but commercial fabrics are actually even better for this procedure. And I love large prints such as, Merrimekko© prints, that can play a major role. You could repeat a fabric print see photographs.

For base B: Seven fabrics ½ yd each, A thru G (you can repeat some of the fabrics more then once. Simple tip: Fabric #1 will be in close proximity of Fabric A etc. etc. which means there has to be somewhat of a contrast between them as well. And also in each Base there needs to be contrast. So make sure your 14 fabrics have lights, darks and mediums just to create contrast and interest between them.

Remember if you have a large print and you want to make it a major player, buy about 1 ½ yds. We will audition the fabrics prior to using them, so you may want to bring more then I stated above so we have many choices!!!!

Here is an example of a students work: base A and Base B

Large paper to make paper patterns (can be just brown packaging paper), any paper will do, but large in size. You can tape together with blue painters tape to make your paper pieces larger. Remember they are life size, so if you want to do a 45 inch wide piece you need to have the paper be at least 45” wide. My paper was a roll of packaging paper that measured 54” wide.

Good pencils

Paper scissors, fabric scissors and blue painters tape.

Sewing machine and good thread

Large quilter’s pins as well as fine sewing pins. A design wall: can be just a flannel backed tablecloth or a piece of cotton batting.

If you can bring a lot of fabrics, we can play and audition them in class because… you probably will design more than one piece, it is quite addicting. 

My email is Quiltescapes@gmail.com and my phone # 970-593-1265 do not hesitate to ask me any questions prior to class!!

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