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Supply List - One Patch Plus

A commercial template of a simple shape, such as: Curved Kite, Curved Diamond, Kite, Half Clamshell etc. etc, (All 4 templates in one set are $24.95)
(Will have some available for purchase in class)

A Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen

Silk pins (Swiss Iris Silk Pins are great) and large quilter’s pins

Note paper and pen, sharp fabric scissors, paper scissors & seam ripper

A piece of cotton batting, felt or flannel backed tablecloth for a work wall

Spray Starch (I like the regular Niagara)

Small rotary cutter, board and ruler

For embellishments: embroidery floss, beads, anything to go with your theme. You can use any embellishing’s you choose.

Fraycheck (optional)

Sewing machine; unless you prefer to hand piece. DO NOT FORGET YOUR FOOT PEDAL!

The fabrics:

Lots and lots of fabrics in the colors of your theme.

For instance if you want to do Fall, bring lots of colors and textures that remind you of Fall or if you want to do a Monet type wallhanging get colors to look like one of his paintings. Any fabrics that will help you with your theme or image will also be helpful. Leaves for fall, fish for aquarium or boats and shells for beach scenes. YOU GET THE PICTURE.

If you have a magazine picture or photograph shop with this image and bring fabric colors that you see in the picture. For instance if you see a particular red in your picture bring many reds that are like the one in the picture, some lighter, some the same and some darker. We are not interpreting the picture we are simply using it to take the colors from!

So the trick is: Find a interesting image, start selecting as many fabrics as you can you will only need small pieces so go thru your scraps, shop and bring as many as you can!!

So the key here is: lots of fabrics in gradations, with different textures, prints, plaids, florals.

Stay away from fabrics that are plain or tone on tone. If they don’t have a lot of color in them they are hard to work with. For instance a navy and white print because of the strong contrast in one fabric, would not work well (unless you were doing winter and used only Blues) but a Batik Navy with other colors would.

For more info: 970-593-1265 or email: Quiltescapes@gmail.com

Talk to your quilt shop owner, they can help you put fabrics together.

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